Dobslit participates in Quantum Latino

QURECA , Quantum-South and Unconventional Computing Lab held Latin America’s first major online quantum event between June 9th and 11th, 2021.

The Quantum Latino was specifically designed to promote quantum technologies for building a connected quantum community. During the 3 days of the event, researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and industry collaborators were heard. Everyone participated, learned, exchanged ideas and connected in order to strengthen an ever-growing quantum community in Latin America.

Dobslit was present!
On June 10th, Carlos Speglich from Dobslit spoke about projects and objectives.

On the second day of the event, issues focused on the commercial side of quantum technologies were raised, seeking to bring together government institutions, investors, start-ups and end users.

The following were discussed:

  • Quantum technologies initiatives worldwide;
  • Panel discussions on start-ups, companies, and investors in quantum technologies;
  • Workshops to help build your brand, identity opportunities, and grow your business;

In addition to the opportunity for the participation of:

  • Networking: build connections through speed networking;
  • Industrial Exhibition: showcase products and services, and meet with with industry partners and customers;

See below the participation of Carlos Speglich (Dobslit).


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